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The Life is in the Content

by Producer jHunt
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   I'm jHunt & thank you for taking the time to visit my site. While here you can learn all about Who I am, What I do & Why I do it. My site - affectionately named after my life's mission - serves as a sort of Networking Hub, linking you to all of the services & resources I have to offer, which includes...

    Production Services

  • Video Production
  • Recording Studio
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

    Education Workshops

  • Music Workshop
    -Musician Coaching
    -Producer Coaching
  • iProduceMe Workshop
  • iProduceLife D.I.Y

    Creativity & Exclusives

  • Musicians 4 Worship
  • Music Production & Beats
  • jHunt Voice Overs/Acting
  • jHunt the DJ
  • jHunt Recording Artist

    Life Outside the Studio

  • jHunt
  • @jHuntSolidified

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, comments or request for any of the services listed
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i Produce Life - is my personal creed. It's my way of letting the world know that as a music & media content creator I except the reasonability of being an influencer. I will create positive - Life inspiring content, & work with & for people who also desire to do the same.

iProduceLife the Studio - Was established in 2009 to serve as a multimedia production studio featuring the music & media production / education stylings of jHunt.

   One day somebody called me jHunt and it stuck. It's short for Jason Hunter, my government name. Born in 1985 to caribbean parents, I know for a fact that I'm a Caribbean Mutt. My Daddy is Jamaican & my Mommy is from the Turks & Caicos islands. I'm one of 8 siblings, the youngest boy, raised in Miami, Florida (305), I grew up in church, I'm a Husband, a Father & a Believer.

   As long as I had tools, I was creating! Rather with pencil & paper, a musical instrument or a computer... Creating with my own unique style is what I've been doing from day one. As a youth I could draw pretty well, write a somewhat decent story, make treasure out of trash, ponders always how do things work, desired to fix broken tech & toys, & I've always been the self-educated self-motivated type. As a graduate of Full Sail University (Recording Arts 2009), I sum up my total skill set with one word -Producer.

   I do what I do 1st to honor the Most High by using the talents he's given me to bless others, glorify him, & provide for my family. I desire to create positive music and media content on behalf of both my clients & myself. I want to teach what I know & do what I do in an effort to help people reach their goals, live their dreams, overcome challenges & see their vision(s) come to pass. I plan to promote good people, good brands & good causes. I want to Produce & Create in a way that I believe will please my creator, all while being a positive influence in my own little way in my community.

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I'm a Videographer

Youtube Playlist taking you Behind the Scenes

jHunt Writes, Directs, Films & Edits

   Video production is my 1st love. I enjoy writing, filming & editing. Since 2009, I've been filming video projects from Miami, Florida to Memphis Tennessee, & even across the Atlantic Ocean to the Turks and Caicos Islands. Working with some of the most unique personalities on the planet! Professionally I've held video related positions such as "Audio Visual Course Director", "Director of Film Production", "Minister of Fine Arts" & now & since day one "Freelance Videographer".

Hire me to produce your Music Videos, Commercials & Promos, Film & Documentary projects, Athletic/Sport Highlight Reels, Motion Graphics/VFXs & to Edit video filmed by you.

Youtube Playlist of Music Videos by jHunt

Music Videos by jHunt

  I do Music Videos too! I can help you brain storm and come up with practical ideas to visually tell the story behind your music or song.

I do Music videos to showcase & promote Recording Artist, Bands, Musicians, Dancers & Spoken Word Poets. I also create promotional music videos like, Animated Album Art (with scrolling text), Artist Interviews, Promo Trailers & more!
Check out the Demo Links below to see some my Music Video work.


- in box me for more info -

Youtube Playlist of Music Videos by jHunt

Commercials & Promos by jHunt

   I can help you raise awareness, acquire new leads, nurture existing ones and increase conversions by getting the word out with a Event, Product &/or Infomercial based commercial.

Promos are cut to fit 30 Second, 1 Minute & 5 Minute lengths. I can film the footage for you or use media you provide.

Commercial / Promo Features

Voice-over, On Screen Text, Script Writing, Green Screen, Hired Actors & more

Demos & Info Coming Soon...

Demos & Info Coming Soon...


Mobile Recording Sessions • Mixing & Mastering

Recording Sessions & Mixing

Book a 2 hour(minimum) Recording Session with me as your Engineer/Producer. As a fellow artist & music producer, I have the musical ear & experiance needed to help coach you into recording your best vocal & instrumental performances.
Studio Services now include booking me to...

  • Bring the Gear & Engineer
  • Mix & Master your Projects

Visual Media

Photography • Graphic Design • Web Design


I do photo shoots for anybody willing to say Cheese!

  • Portrait Sessions
  • Events Photos

Graphic Design

I do design Graphics for promotional & print media.

  • Flyers
  • Album Art

Web Design

I can design & set up your website.

  • Domain & Hosting account set ups
  • Customization & Maintenance


Book a musician for your next worship service or event

Musicians for Worship

Book a Musician by... messaging us using the form below. Let us know which musician/instrument you'll need & the When & Where needed. F.Y.I.- Having a song list prepared will help with the booking process. Now covering events & services in South Florida & Nationwide. Click on the profiles above to see video clips of each musician action.

jHunt Beats

Music Composing & Beats by jHunt

Youtube Playlist of jHunt Making Beats


I'm currently working behind the scenes to launch my new music production service Soon you'll be able to buy beats & hire me to arrange music for your songs! Follow me on to know when it's live!



Services unique to jHunt's Creativity, Skills & Personality

Voice - Overs/Acting

Script writing and voice acting by jHunt

Coming Soon...

jHunt the Dj

Live music, sound & Event Dj'ing by jHunt

Coming Soon...

jHunt Exclusives

Services are subject to availability. Submit a request for any service listed to see if jHunt can add his personal touch, style & sound to your project &/or event.

Life Workshops

I teach you how to do what I do

Music Workshop

Musician Coaching Sessions

Learn & grow as a Keybordist, Drummer &/or Bass Guitar Player

I started learning how to play Keyboard, Bass Guitar & Drums at age 12...
Learn More

Music Producer Sessions

Learn how to Make Beats, Record Music & Engineer a Studio Session

Producing Music isn't for everybody, MANY CAN PLAY, BUT FEW CAN CREATE!
Learn More

iProduceMe Workshop

iProduceMe Workshop: An educational experience where kids get to produce original music & video content featuring their talents under the tutelage of Producer jHunt. Designed to give kids with Singing, Rapping & Acting talents ages 12 - 18 (Elementary/Middle/High) the Coaching, Resources, & Production Services needed to produce quality Life filled multimedia content of their own.

Focuses on: Talent Development, Project Development, Life skills, Song & Script Writing, Music & Video Production. Gives our young people an opportunity to both use & showcase their talents. All through a positive outlet that encourages accountability & creative integrity. Coming Soon...

iProduceLife D.I.Y

Do It Yourself Video Tutorials

by jHunt... I like figuring out why some things stop working. I also enjoy fixing & restoring things to back to working order. Every now and then, I'll make a video showing you how I did so - covering some of the most random topics like, home improvement, instrument repairs, gear mods/improvements & more.

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