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// About jHunt
The Life is in the Content

iProduceLife Studios

   Welcome to the playground of Producer jHunt. A man with a creative skillset & a heart to serve & fix stuff.
With his gifts & talents jHunt produces music & media content to serve the creative needs of his clients, promoting good people, their brands & causes. He also Entertains & Ministers his faith with his own brand of music & media content. Thank you for visiting - Here you'll learn all about jHunt, Who he is, What he does & Why he does it. This site - (affectionately named after jHunt's Life Mission) - serves as a sort of Networking Hub, linking you to all of the services & resources offered by jHunt & his Peeps


jHunt does Video, Photo, Graphic Design, Websites, Music & Beat Production, Studio Engineering & more


jHunt instructs Music Workshops, Couching Sessions & his own Youth Production Acadamey


Music & Media produced by & featuring jHunt the Recording Artist


Services by jHunt & his peeps that produce "Life Outside the Studio"

Jason Hunter // aka jHunt Who Am I?
More about jHunt & iProduceLife

INSTAGRAM @ jHuntSolidified

Follow me for updates, project previews & all things jHunt

iProduceLife on Youtube

Featuring videos of my work, my adventures & the work I do for my clients. Including x behind the scenes footage of me and my peeps doing what we do. Me playing my instruments with my band members as a Musician. I upload "DIY / How to" project videos, my UberLifeWithjHunt Video blog episodes, my 2PointsConnect videos episodes, jHuntBeats process videos & more! If I'm producing it, teaching it, or already did it - you likely find it here on my YouTube channel. Subscribe today!

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Oh Snap!

Photography by jHunt

Recording Artist, Engagements, Maternity, Products, Portraits (Head Shots & Families), Weddings & Events. Photos taken can also be used to create custom artwork for promotional material like flyers & albums covers.

Photo Gallery & Info
Hand Drawn Sketches

Graphic Design


Design Gallery & Info
Your Designed, Set up & Maintained

Website Design

Coming Soon...

Web Design Gallery & Info
Musician Coaching Sessions

Music Workshop

Now offering Coaching Sessions for aspiring piano bass & drum players

//More Life
What else can jHunt do?

Life Outside the Studio

Services & Resources by jHunt & his peeps that produce "More Life"

  • S O L I D I F I E D

    Multimedia Arts Ministry

    Check out jHunt the Rapper/Singer/Artist as he shares his Faith through the arts

    Become a driver for Uber & Lyft

    Ride Along & Experience jHunt's Life as a Uber & Lyft Driver in South Florida (West Palm Beach - Miami)
  • 2 Points Connect

    ...goods from the Seller to the Dock -

    jHunt works to help get purchased instruments & goods shipped from Point A(USA) to Point B.
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