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Produced for Artist that keep it Clean & Positive

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  I love to write, direct, film & edit Music Videos. No matter if the artist is performing, playing their instrument or acting. For me, telling the story of a song in video form is always an adventure I'm up for. I've worked with various artist including local Miami, Florida artist Norris Williams, D Ellis, BrothaRaf out of Gainesville, FL & even my self! for my music ministry @ S O L I D I F I E D L I F E .com

a behind the scenes look at the filming process for my video shoot with recording artist Norris Williams. I also did the Photo Shoot & Album Art for this project. I designed & manage his website too,
"My Visual Media Services"

My Process & Flow

  • Camera : Nikon
  • Audio : Recording Separately
  • Editing Software : Final Cut Pro X

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a behind the scenes look at the filming process for the MY God Is video shoot with artist Norris Williams. I did the Album Art for this project too.
"My Visual Media Services"


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