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Instrument Basics • Music Theory Interpretation • Ear Training • Skill Building

Musician Coaching Sessions

    I started learning how to play Guitar at 8, Keys at age 12 & the Bass Guitar at 14 & drums much later on. I picked up the Keys & Bass quickly & started playing them both in church at age 14. Nearly 20 years later I'm still at it, & people like you are still asking "Do you do lessons? - Can you show me that?"
My answer is... Yes! & Yes! Now with My "Musician Coaching Sessions" I'm able to share with you my experience, musical knowledge & all the other things that have shaped me into the Musician/Producer I am today. All with the goal of helping you get better at your craft.
Book a session or two & I'll walk with you & on you musician journey.
I specialize in worshipping my creator by playing from the heart.

Coaching Session Breakdown

Check me out doing my thing on the Bass & Keys!

Coaching Session Breakdown

Instruments Taught

Currently Hosting Sessions for...



$40 for 45 Minutes

What Will / Can You Learn?

My coaching sessions cover these basic topics...

Instrument Basics

Playing techniques, maintenance, instrument type & function. It's place in the band. How it effects human emotion. Learn not just WHAT to play but WHY to play a certain style, thing or way

Music Theory Interpretation

Understanding Music Theory concepts like Progressions (2-5-1), What are chords, Major vs Minor, Relative Minor & the Number System. Learn what they are & how to apply them to the foundation of your craft.

Ear Training

Ear Training Exercises and Muscle memory development. Play your own songs or play your favorite song by ear. Learn how to play what you hear, How to listen to music & What to listen for

Skill Building

Play fast, loud, slow or quite? ...It's all about DYNAMICS. Learn how to groove, run scales & hit licks mid play. Learn how I fancy up my playing with Skill Development Techniques.

Is Coaching for you?

Get coached if you're...

- a Singer/Song Writer
- a Beginner Musician
- Feeling stuck as a musician
- Desiring to train & play by ear
- a Musician wanting to develop a free flowing playing style for Praise & Worship
- a Producer / Beat Maker


Link up with me for a Coaching Session 1 of 2 ways...


• I can come to you only if you live in the Palm Beach County Area.
• Residents of #Saint Lucie #Martin #Broward & #Dade Counties will need to travel to my local for sessions


• You'll need to be able to uses WHATS APP & Have a reliable internet connection
• For International students we will work out a personal Chat Plan


To get started you'll need...

Bass Guitar needs

  • 4 - 6 string Bass of your own
  • Amp or Head phones for Practice
  • Instrument Stringed and tuned

You will need to bring your Bass to every Session

Keys/Piano needs

  • Keyboard 61 keys or higher
  • Sustain Pedal
  • Keyboard Stand

No need to bring to session if meeting up locally

Other needs

  • WHATS APP ...installed on your Android or Apple Device for Video Chat
  • CASH ME APP ...for Online Payments
  • TRIPOD ...Able to hold your phone at an angle facing your instrument & allows for hands free chat
  • HEADPHONES ...for Video Chat


Just so we're clear, you must... able commit to a Weekly or Biweekly Session Schedule able to make a payment online or in person
...Know that I do take cash payments
...Know that if I need to cancel a session, you will be granted a full refund
- Online Payments must be made 72-24 hours in advance &
- That there will be no refund granted if cancellation is needed within 4 hours of your scheduled session

• REMEMBER: We can Always Reschedule your session. We can make it Earlier, Later or even Change the date if we can. Life happens


Coach Me Request

Make sure you let me know...
- Your Age / Male or Female
- What Instrument you want to be coached on Bass or Keys
- What Time & Day you'd like to meet up
- Rather you want a Weekly or Biweekly Session
- If prefer to meet Online or In Person
- Your Musician Goals

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