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Musician Coaching Sessions

    I started learning how to play instruments at age 12, started playing them in church at 14... Now I'm ready to help you get better at your musicianship craft with my Musician Coaching Sessions. I share with you my knowledge, experience, tips & tricks gained while on my journey to becoming the musician i am today. I play the Bass Guitar, Drums & Keys. I'm a "Church" musician now offering Musician Coaching Sessions for Bass & Keys. I specialize in worshipping my creator by playing from the heart.

Check me out doing my thing on the Bass & Keys!

Coaching Info


You can link up with me for a Coaching Session 1 of 2 ways...
1. IN PERSON You'll need...
- Ability to make payment online or in person (Online Payment must be made 72-24 hours in advance)
- Ability to commit to a Weekly or Biweekly Session Schedule (no refund is cancellations with 4 hours of scheduled session)
- Must live within the Palm Beach County Area. (Miami/Dade & Fort Lauderdale/Broward residents may travel to meet up
• REMEMBER: We can Always Reschedule to an earlier or later day or time, Life happens

- Ability to make payment online (Payment must be made 72-24 hours in advance)
- Reliable internet connection & Device ( Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop )
- Video Conferencing App such as ( Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook, Facetime, Android Video)
- Full instrument set up featuring, your instrument of choice ( Bass or Keys), Amp & all required foot pedals.
- Tripod setup (Allowing for hands free communication & camera angled to view your instrument).
- Ability to commit to a Video Conferencing schedule (no refund is cancelation is needed with 4 hours of scheduled session)


Rather Online or In Person, Weekly, Biweekly or When Ever, a Musician Coaching Session with me will cost you... $40 for 45 Minutes


- Bass Guitar
- Keyboard / Piano


Wondering if coaching is for you? Get coached if you're...
- a Singer/Song Writer
- a Beginner Musician
- Feeling stuck as a musician
- Desiring to train & play by ear
- a Musician wanting to develop a free flowing playing style for Praise & Worship
- a Producer / Beat Maker


1. EMAIL ME Using the form below... Make sure you let me know...
- Your Age / Male or Female
- What Time & Day you'd like to meet up
- Rather you want a Weekley, Biweekly or Every Now & Then Session
- If prefer to meet Online or Inperson
- Your Musician Goals

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