iProduceMe Workshop

Song and video by jHunt - Performed by the students of AMIKids Gainesville 2014
iProduceMe Workshop: An educational experience where kids get to create their own music & movies

   Developed & Instructed by
Musician / Producer jHunt. The iProduceMe Workshop is a multimedia creation workshop designed to give talented kids ages 12 - 18 with an interest in multi-media production the Education, Coaching, Resources, & Services needed to produce Life filled multimedia content.

Write a song, Make Music, Star in a Movie or Music Video
We give kids the opportunity to use and showcase their talents & while showing them how to use their talents with integrity

W O R K S H O P    I N F O

iProduceMe. jHunt
iProduceMe. jHunt
iProduceMe. jHunt
iProduceMe. jHunt
iProduceMe. jHunt
  Since 2009, jHunt and the iProduceMe Workshop has been working with Student Artist in an effort to help them develope & put their talents to good use. We've worked with Rappers, Singers, Musicians, Actors & even Spoken Word Poets.
We teach them how to put the "Life in the Content".

The Multi-media content created in our Workshop features the talents of our Student Artist, jHunt the producer's influence, & a positive Life inspiring message.
- Students get to experience the process of starting & finishing music & video projects
- How to work creatively within a group or in a team setting.
- How to create content based on a provided criteria that caters to an idea or agenda

   Student Artist are coached in their respective crafts. They get to fine tune what they do by using their talents ...which means we want them to bring it! ...Sing, Rap, Act, Talk, Dance... just do it! Students are also encouraged to create content that highlights the strengths of their talent(s)

Student Artist don't have to be the best at what they do, just be willing to create and become great.

    The main resource our students have is the experience and skill set of our instructor jHunt. He provides the insight & services needed for our student artist. He writes (music & songs), makes beats, does video, and much more... above that is his passion to see our student artist mature into adults, grow in spirit & develope their talent(s).

Students get access to all of the services needed to complete their music & video projects

iProduceMe Workshop Students receive...
- Song writing help
- Recording Session Time
- Mix & Mastering Services
- Video production
- Photography
and much more ...at a reduced rate and in some cases totally free of charge. provided by jHunt.
iProduceMe Workshop Works 2 Ways
2 ways to experience our Workshop...

1. In Studio Workshop
Sessions are held for student groups in our studio (or @ specified location).
Enrollment requires audition submission selection and workshop fee payment.

- Follow us on our social networks so you'll know when we announce our next in studio workshop -

2. Mobile Studio we come to you...
Your school or organization can book weekly sessions were we bring the workshop experience to you for your students during school hours.

Contact jHunt today for information on either Workshop Function option and Mobile Studio availability


Content recorded with our students through the years...
Music created by our students that express their lives, situations and new perspectives on Life

My Past vs My Dream • by jHunt download
Tracks that we are able to release

11. Hero by Brittany Simpson download


10. NOW WHAT IT GON BE download


9. Short Bus download

8. Jazz - John Myer Cover download

7. Education download

6. AMI Swag download


5. AMIKidz download

4. Dreams download

3. One Clap download

2. US YEAH download

1. We Something download

FYI- these projects are cleared for public consumption


Content created by & with our students through the years...

FYI- these projects are cleared for public viewing

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