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Who is jHunt ?

  Somebody called me jHunt one day & it stuck. It's short for my government name Jason Hunter. I was born in Miami, FL in 1985. I grew up in the states with a strong Caribbean influence. My Dad is Jamaican & my Mom is from the Turks & Caicos islands. I have 7 siblings, I grew up in church, I'm a Husband, a Father & a Man of Faith.

  I'm a Music & Media Producer and the tools I have been blessed with to do what I do are...
Videographer - I Write, Shoot & Edit Videos
Mix Engineer - I can run recording sessions & Mix & Master Music
Musician - I play Piano, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar & Drums
Photographer - I take pics too
Teacher - I offer coaching sessions to teach my students what I know
Artist - I Rap, Sing & write poetry
Minister - I have no problem sharing my Faith
Mr Fix it / Tech Dude - I'm the one who sets up the equipment & usually knows how to fix it too. I Also do, Graphic Design, Web Design & so much more...

  As long as I had tools, I've been a creator. Rather it was with pencil & paper, a musical instrument or a computer. For as long as I can remember I was creating and doing so with my own unique style. I started as a youth with drawing & story telling & over the years have progressed into who & what I am today. I'm the type that ponders "how does things work" & "what can be done to fix it myself". I've always been the self-educated, self-motivated type. As a graduate of Full Sail University (Recording Arts 2009), I sum up my total skill set with one word -Producer.

The Life is in the Content

iProduce Life?


i Produce Life - is jHunt's personal creed. It's his way of letting the world know that as a music & media content producer he excepts the reasonability of being an influencer. By that he aims to create positive - Life inspiring content, & work with & for people who to do the same.

iProduceLife the Studio - Was established in 2009 to serve as a multimedia production studio featuring the music & media production / education stylings of jHunt.

jHunt's Mission & Goals

   jHunt does what he does to first Honor the most High. He uses his gifts & talents to glorify his creator, bless others & provide for his family. jHunt's heart is to produce positive music & media content on behalf of both himself & his clients. He also wants to teach what he knows. He does all that he does to help people reach their goals, live their dreams, overcome challenges & see their vision(s) come to pass. jHunt plans to promote good people & good causes. All while being a positive influence in his own way in his community.

Services Offered

Here's how the Life gets in the Content...

Video Production

Music Videos, Promos, Docs, Movies, Reels, VFX, Events & Editing

Recording Studio

Mobile Studio, Recording Sessions, Mixing & Mastering

Musical Arrangements for your songs. Beat Remixes & more by Music Producer jHunt.

Musicians 4 Worship

Book Pianist, Bassist, Guitarist & Drummers for worship events in South Florida


Photo shoots for Artist, Engagements, Events, Maternity, Portraits, Weddings & more

Graphic Design

jHunt designs Album Art, Business Cards, Flyers, Logos, Video Thumbnails & more

jHunt Exclusives

Hire jHunt to do what he does like no one else can... Voice-overs, Scripts, Party Dj & more

Website Design

jHunt and be your Web Master too. Customized Websites. Domain & Hosting account management


Learn how to do what jHunt does with his Coaching Sessions & Youth Production Academy


Life outside the Studio


jHunt is a recording artist too. he uses music to share his Faith by rapping, singing and playing music for the Most High. Faith Sealed - Jesus Glorified

jHunt's personal Website & Video Blog dedicated to sharing his Life as a Uber & Lyft Driver. He shares his experienced & resources to help you sign up become informed.

A shopping, transport & shipping business founded by jHunt & his cousin (drummer) Grafton Myers. Doing work with the states & the Caribbean

// Testimonials
A word from a few of jHunt's Clients

Testimonial Life


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