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iProduceLife Studios is a Multimedia Production Studio founded in 2009 by Producer/Artist/Musician/Writer Jason Hunter aka jHunt. After completing his studies at Full Sail University, jHunt moved to Gainesville FL with his family. While there the Vision for our studio was realized and the mission conceived...

Produce Life by offering our creative multimedia and music production services, Creating positive content, working for and with those that do the same & teaching others what we know.

 ...One day jHunt was blessed with the opportunity to go to work using his multimedia production skill set to mentor & educate kids in his community. As a freelance Videographer/Photographer/Mix Engineer/Writer/Musician he found purpose in playing worship melodies and working creatively to help people see there concepts, ideas & visions come to life... to this day , that is what fuels his creative passion & drive. From Studio Manager/Instructor(AMIKids Gainesville) to Director of Film Production (Alachua Children's Theater), as a Music Teacher(Guitar & Drums @o2bKids), & Audio Visual Course Instructor/Director (Reichert House) jHunt is blessed to know what he wants to do & who he wants to do it for.

iProduceLIfe isn't just a fancy name, it's who we are and what we will do. We want to create content that inspires the world, makes them think, and points them to Jesus.

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Producer / Founder
Full Sail University 2009
Recording Arts
Husband 2007
Daddy 2008
3 Kids

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