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Mobile Studio Services

Now you can request hourly booking sessions with our Mobile Studio! Services rendered are based on your music and audio recording needs...

1. Book our Mix Engineer
2. Book Engineer & The Gear
3. Tutor & Mentoring Sessions

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   There's no need to leave the comfort of your home to do a recording session! Book a session with the iProduceLife Mobile Studio and you'll be recording your vocals, instruments and voice-overs at your home, office, school, or event. jHunt brings everything you'll need (microphones, headphones, cables, stands, etc) to make your mobile recording as comfortable and professional sounding as possible. Just do what you do and leave the recording to jHunt and the iProduceLife Mobile Studio crew.

jHunt @ Work with the Mobile Studio
jHunt records Grafton @ his house 2016
jHunt recording BrothaRaf @ Church 2016
jHunt recording Levi @ his crib 2016
jHunt records Thais @ his house 2017
jHunt records Grafton on Drums 2013 @ his crib

Mobile Studio Demo Projects

Check out these tracks recorded by jHunt with the Mobile Studio
All you need is...
1. A quite place to record in
2. Comfort & Confidence

Faq you need to know

Book our Mix Engineer /// $30 per Hour
Ideal for... Artist who have a home studio setup or access to a studio & need someone to help run their recording sessions for them.

Book our Mix Engineer & the Gear /// $35 per Hour
Ideal for... Artist who have no recording means but can provide a safe and quite space to record in

Tutor & Mentor Sessions /// $25 per Hour
Ideal for... Aspiring Mix Engineers with home studio setups who need help getting started Recording & Mixing their own projects

What Do Rates Cover?
Rates include our Engineer rendering recording and/or tutoring & mentoring services at your provided location.

Do Rates Cover Engineer Travel Cost?
No. Travel expenses and fees will we determined for each artist living 10 Miles outside of the engineers home address. This travel fee is determined based on time and gas used to travel from the Engineer's home to the artists desired place of meeting

Payment Process
To secure your Mobile Studio Booking, a nonrefundable deposit of halve (1/2) of the agreed upon cost needs to be paid up front first - including any and all travel expense fees.
Example If your booking is $60 and the travel fee is $20, then $30 (1/2 of the booking) plus $20 (full travel fee) equaling $50 is due up front or is to be received by jHunt & iProduceLife Studios before travel to Mobile spot begins.

Payment options? How can I Pay?
Cash App, Bank Deposit, Pay Pal

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