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   I WRITE, DIRECT FILM & EDIT // Video production is my 1st love. I've been producing video content since 2009. Filming projects like Commercials & Music Videos in my home town Miami, Florida. I Done work in Memphis, Tennesee & I even got the chance to film video across the Atlantic Ocean in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. I've worked with/for some unique personalities & formed great relationships. Professionally, I've had the honor of holding down the posistions of "Audio Visual Course Director", "Director of Film Production" & "Minister of Fine Arts". Now-a-days, most of my video work is done under the title of "Freelance Videographer".


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jHunt can produce video content for you with...


Brain Storms, Script Writting, Shoot Planning


Video Shoots, Directing, Talent Coaching


Project Editing, Color Grading, Voiceovers

Music Videos, Commercials-Promos, Infomericals, Documentaries, Interviews, Sport Highlight Reels, Event Coverage, Films-Movies, Trailers, Animation, Visual Effects, Video Editing Service, Motion Graphics & more
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