Music Video Information

1. Productions • 2, Performances • 3. Dance Routines • 4. Trailers / Promos • 5. Animated Album Art • 6. Interviews / Documentaries
The Life is in the Music Videos 6 Different Ways! Here's a little info to help distinguish what they are. Keep in mind that each video type has a different production cost. Check out jHunt's Music video gallery below and if you like what iProduceLife can do request a Music Video Production Quote. Once we receive your request, we'll customize your personal quote based on your Vision, Budget and Desired Music Video Type.

jHunt on the set of 'MY God Is' video shoot with Norris Williams in Ocala Fl

"Music Videos allow us to tell the Story of a Song visually."


All out music video production consisting of our 3 Phase Production Process, Pre-production Production & Post-Production. Includes Story lines, B-Roll footage, script writing, location scouting, filming, and more.


We're contracted by the artist to edit their pre-recorded performance footage or film and edit video of their next concert / performance.


These videos are created using the artist Album / Song Art. We animate your art work to the rhythm of your music to create a unique video presentation for online viewing.


Dance choreography videos edited to the original song track. May feature dance groups or solo performances.


We use your video footage to create promos and trailers that can be used to promote your music, upcoming media releases and events.


One on one sit downs with people of interest . Tell your story and even include performance footage.
Follow these steps to get started...
1). Determine your Video Production Type or Level based on the examples above
2). Request an official iProduceLife Production Quote
3). Describe the vision for your project
4). Review your official iProduceLife Production Quote (sent to you by us via e-mail)
5). Approve Quote Amount
6). Agree to contract terms
7). Submit Payment in full (half of which serves as a non-refundable deposit)

What you need to know


Before any work is performed iProduceLife Studios (jHunt) requires all potential clients to request a production quote.

- What is it? Think expectations when you think Production Quote.
It lets you know that we understand your production request/needs and how much it will cost you for us to start and complete your project.

Production Quote Changes/Modifications

If you decide to change anything regarding your project after receiving a Production Quote (ex. location, people, dates) you will be required to request a new Production Quote. Cost may increase or decrease based on changes.

We value your Production Quote Request

We consult with you at no charge via e-mail and phone. We want to get the vision for your project right from the start. It's during this process that we get to know each other and set the overall tone for our business relationship.

Why is it needed?

The Production Quote is provided in response to your request for one. We will state in an e-mail form, the total cost for the production of your project based on the time and resources needed to complete your project.

iProduceLife Studios Production Contract

When you hire us to produce Life content for you it's considered a Work for Hire business contract between you and Jason Hunter of iProduceLife Studios

Cost Determination

We take into account extra expenses for things such as - travel, living arrangements, admission prices to venues, etc. (location access and parking fees)

* Final Cost...

...of your project is determined by the time and resources needed to bring your vision and to pass. •

Basic production cost will cover

Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production duties performed by iProduceLife Studios.


Payments can be made via Pay pal, Bank Deposit, In Person or by Mail-in Check

N O T I C E ...

In order for iProduceLife Studios to start any project The Full Amount of the agreed upon cost (based on production quote) will need to be paid In Full - Up Front. Half of which will be held as a non-refundable deposit.

Let's get your project started!