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    Our Website Design services provide you with all the resources needed to get your products, services, and/or causes online. iProduceLife focuses on Designing, Theming, Developing, Maintaining, Updating, Social Media Integrating, Domain Registering, Site Hosting & Creating the media content (videos, graphics, audio, pix) to embed into your site. Most of our website clients combine our Web Design services with other production services such as Video Pro & Photos to help flesh out a complete functioning site from top to bottom.

Most website traffice and interactiviyt comes from and is done on social media sites such as facebook , instagram and tweeter. In oters words it makes no sense to envest all of your money into building a website that honesty most of your potentail custmers might not ever visit. But one the other hand, it is important for you to have a place on the web where your actuall customers and clients can find all of your products, services, info about you, busines and cause and even ways to connect with you through your various online socail platforms. Below jHunt has listed all you need to know inord to get your website up a running if you choose to allow iProduceLife to design and set it up for you.

Domain Name
A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.

You can register a Domain for your site on your own by choosing a Domain Register with companies like GoDaddy.com & HostGator.com.

Domain Registers charge a annual fee for the registration of your Domain every 1, 3, or 5 years (in most cases). The longer you register your Domain Name, the more you pay

If you choose to register your Domain Name on your own, just provide us your login info for your register account.

Skip this Step

You can skip this step partailly if you'd like...
Just send us a like of names you'd like your site to be called and we'll check to see if they are availibe for registering.
"Sometines the name you want for your site will not be availbe due to the fact that some else is already using it". Hosting
Now that you have an address for your site, you now need to put your physical site files at that adreesses location
Web Hosting Service
is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
Host with iProduceLife Studios for

$120 Per Year

jHunt takes care of the hard stuff for you...

OR! Gey your own hosting plan and Domain Registers charge a annual fee for the registration of your Domain every 1, 3, or 5 years (in most cases). The longer you register your Domain Name, the more you pay

If you choose to register you Domain Name on your own,just provide us your account info with your register and ove onto the 3rd step... Some Content
Once your site is done, you may need periatic updates and maintainance. Check out how much it will cost you
- Custom designed website, includes your photos, logos, and custom graphics.

- Custom code that add functionally to your site... PHP, HTML5, Java Script, Plug-ins and more.

- Integrate Twitter, Facebook, Pay Pal, and Youtube seamlessly to expand your internet reach.

- We handle all of the dirty work for you, Maintenance, Hosting, and Domain Registration.

Domain Name & Hosting
- check out GoDaddy.com for your domain and Hosting needs


Any Website created by us for you will be considerd a Work For Hire business contract. All terms & expectations will be set and agreed upon by both parties before moving forward with the project. Agreement between you and jHunt/iProduceLife Studios

Determination of Pricing & Cost

   Each site created is custom built to serve each clients needs within their budjet. With that said, the amount of work, time and resources needed to complete your site ( Keep in mind that converting, implamenting and in most cases creating from scrathc the media content (audio, video, pictures and graphics) for your site will be a factor when determining the final cost for your website project.

We take into account extra expenses for things such as - travel, living arrangements, admission prices to venues, etc. (location access and parking fees)
Final Cost of Project will be determined based on a collaborative effort to determine the total vision and resources needed to bring it to pass.

3. Basic production cost will cover Planning and programming site, setting up hosting and domain for site, graphic design work, duties performed by iProduceLife Studios.


Payments can be made via Cash App, Pay-PalBank Deposit, Cash

Payment Process
To secure your Mobile Studio Booking, a nonrefundable deposit of halve (1/2) of the agreed upon cost needs to be paid up front first - including any and all travel expense fees.
Example If your booking is $60 and the travel fee is $20, then $30 (1/2 of the booking) plus $20 (full travel fee) equaling $50 is due up front or is to be received by jHunt & iProduceLife Studios before travel to Mobile spot begins.

Payment options? How can I Pay?
Cash App, Bank Deposit, Pay Pal

N O T I C E ... 
In order for iProduceLife Studios to start any Web Design Project the agreed upon final cost for said website must be Paid in Full prior to the start of the project. Thats paid In Full - Up FrontHalf of which will be held as a non-refundable deposit.

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