Video Production


    ...Since 2009, I been using video to capture "Life in Motion". From my home town of Miami FL, in & through the state to cities like Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Lake City, Olustee & Jacksonville. I been to Memphis, Tennessee & even out of the country to the Turks and Caicos Islands to capture Life on video. My love of video production has open doors for me to hold positions such as "Audio Visual Course Director", "Director of Film Production", "Minister of Fine Arts" and now present day "Freelance Videographer".

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"I use my creative vision to produce video content for Businesess, Churches, Recording Artist, and anyone wanting to promote their causes, events, products and services. So long as it's positive and helps produce Life in our commuinity" - jHunt

Video Production

Just below you can submit a request for video work, learn more about my video project types, learn how to get your video project started, & review my production contract policies

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Level #1 video

Music video with Performance, B-Roll, Storyline and Green Screen.
If you want your video to go over the top with animated graphics and background changes select Music Video Level # 1 as your music video option.

Level #2 video

Music video with Performance, B-Roll and Storyline shots.
Select this option if the story of your project is more important than the performance.

Level #3 video

Music video with Performance & B-Roll Shots.
The most budjet friendly music video production offerd.
No big planning, filmed on location and on the fly.

Live Band Performace video

Music video of you and your band performing
* Make sure your live sound engineer can provide us with the audio recording mix of your performance or has the ablitiy for us to tap into the sound board for audio capture.

Animated Song Art video

Your song or album art animated to your track for video play back

Dance video

Music video of you and your dance group performing with the real audio track.
* Select this option if you have multiple video clips of your dance group performimg their routine to the same song/audio track and you need them edited togther...


I can put togther a video to help you sale and/or promote your products, events and services.

Level #1 Promo Commercial

Filmed Like a Documentry. Features the products, services and personailties of your establishment.

Level #2 Promo Commercial

Created using prexsiting video, imagery and audio provideo by you.
topped off with onscreen text and voiceover by jHunt.


I can put togther a video to help you tell the story behind your people, products, events and services.

Documentry Video

Documentries may include interviews, footage of an event and/or a person(s) of interest. Can be used as a promotional or informational piece


I can come out to your event and capture the sites and sounds for editing later.

Event Video Capture

I do Event Coverage to document your events with the intent to edit the footage later as a separate service.


Got video footage you need edited?

Editing of your Video footage

You can send me the footage you filmed and I can edit it for you.

Video by jHunt

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